Taking industry to next level

By Country News

Australian Wool Innovation’s strategic plan for the next three years has been published, with traceability, consultation and measurement and evaluation highlighted as the major investment and operational priorities.

Chief executive officer Stuart McCullough said in drafting the strategic plan for 2019 through to 2022 AWI had incorporated feedback and input provided by industry, gathered through AWI’s annual planning and consultation cycle, to ensure it reflected woolgrower priorities for research, development and marketing.

‘‘AWI has consulted widely with woolgrowers and their representatives to ensure industry views and priorities were incorporated into the final plan,’’ Mr McCullough said.

‘‘As always, AWI’s overriding commitment is to support Australian woolgrowers and ensure they get the best price for their wool.

‘‘But through the consultation process, we have been able to home in some priorities that woolgrowers believe will make a big difference to the industry over the next three years.

‘‘The Ernst & Young 2018 Review of Performance was also instrumental in forming our new strategic plan.

‘‘With our overall implementation progress of the ROP recommendations progressing well and tracking at more than 70 per cent, consultation and measurement and evaluation are both integral parts of the new strategic document.’’

Outlining the priorities in the new strategic plan, Mr McCullough said AWI had started a number of projects focused on traceability during the past five years.

‘‘These projects are at a point of maturity and we have enough of them where we can create an entire strategy around traceability,’’ he said.

‘‘We recognise that generation Ys and generation Zs are going to be more interested in the source of materials in the future.

‘‘They will want to know where something has come from, how it was treated, what the supply chain did with it and where it is going to at the end. We see this as a macro-consumer trend.’’