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More calls for Cobram to join silo art trail

By Country News

Cobram’s silos are back in the headlines, with another appeal for Moira Shire Council to step in, buy the site and turn it into part of the growing silo art trail.

The community has provided constant feedback about the future of the Market St complex since council approved the demolition of the silos in 2017.

Helen Lambert was one of the latest people to echo the views of many residents, who have turned to council to back the drive and do something beneficial with the deteriorating site.

The owner sought council approval to demolish the silo, intending to develop the 3358sqm block, which was then, and still is, used as a car park.

Ms Lambert believed many in the community would be left dismayed if the silos were knocked down and she supported turning the site into a tourism hotspot, making it a major boost to the Cobram economy.

The demolition plan ultimately stalled and the land is currently for sale.

Most of the silos with murals on them in the region are privately-owned, including the recently unveiled mural in St James.

When contacted for comment, Moira Shire Council pointed to the council plan, which read it was reviewing and rationalising assets and services to identify gaps, overlaps and surplus.

This suggests council acquisition and redevelopment of the silos is unlikely.

The plan indicates it would look to support and promote private ventures, which would boost tourism within Moira Shire.

One question is whether locals would be happy to have a rate rise on the proviso the council undertakes the project.

Based on a recent count of 29000 residents in Moira Shire, it would equate to a one-off levy of $86.20 for every resident within its boundaries.

-Dylan Arvela