Fighting for family farms

By Country News

Wade Northausen is on a mission to do things differently.

Tired of watching agriculture and the rural communities who depend on it turn to dust, the former dairy farmer is calling for the scrapping of the 2007 Water Act and Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

He is also asking for a rewrite of the water trade legislation and a royal commission into the process.

Mr Northausen has established Southern Basin Communities — a grass roots organisation to fight for water, family farmers, communities and food security — and will be hosting a meeting at the Tongala Town Hall on Wednesday, March 13 from 11am.

‘‘I have a strategy to do things differently to everybody else,’’ Mr Northausen said.

‘‘I think people are confused by the fact they are doing things the right way for their business and yet they are still going broke.

‘‘I want to clear the fog and let people know exactly what is happening.’’

He believes the basin plan has nothing to do with positive environmental outcomes but rather a strategy to use water policy to destroy family farms so land and water can be taken over by foreign companies.

‘‘The evidence is right before our eyes and there is an enormous amount of mental, emotional and financial stress in our community.’’

Mr Northausen hopes to also take his meetings to Griffith and South Australia, and into metropolitan areas.