By Country News

Cobram East dairy farmer Paul Mundy believes the current Murray-Darling Basin Plan is ‘‘unpalatable, unworkable and flawed’’.

Speaking after the drought summit meeting last week he said he didn’t believe the plan was formed on proper science.

‘‘However if this is blown up or rescinded, then our concern is: what do we end up with next time?

‘‘And that, although we are in dire peril now, the outcome could be far, far worse for those of us that are left — and regrettably there will be a lot of us fall by the wayside.

‘‘The challenge the minister has, is how does he implement those suggestions with the states involved?

‘‘It’s a hell of a mess that has compounded over the years.

‘‘We have to use common sense, first and foremost.

‘‘South Australia is clearly the biggest stand-alone issue facing the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. The amount of water flowing through to South Australia is unsustainable. This can’t continue to happen.’’

Mr Mundy noted the complexities of trying to unravel the plan.

‘‘The more I learn about water, the more I know I don’t know. It is so complex and complicated,’’ he said.

‘‘Today we had three federal members and the challenge we have is that the states are owners of the water.

‘‘To quote Littleproud, it’s like herding cats.

‘‘And you have to be careful what you ask for.’’