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Same same, but different

By Country News

How did they get their names?

The people who bred Benny, their daughter’s favourite dog was Benny. She named him and we didn’t have the heart to change it. I’m an Essendon supporter so I named Angus after Angus Monfries. He also got Angus because he is black (like Angus cattle).

What are their personalities like?

Angus is a lover. He’s everyone’s friend. If he doesn’t like someone, you shouldn’t either. Benny can be cuddly but it’s on his terms. He’s like a bull in a china shop. He’ll tackle anything. He’s not as tough as he thinks he is, but he will have a go.

I hear they enjoy swimming.

They love their swimming. In summer we will go down to the dam to cool them off. Angus is the quickest swimmer. The first time, Benny was horrendous. I thought he was going to drown.

Do they have any habits?

(Talking about Benny) Him and his toys. He’s got to have a toy. He’s got to have something to bring with him. He’s got more toys than the average five-year-old. The tyre is his favourite.

Have they ever got up to any mischief?

Angus didn’t do a lot (bad) as a pup but he did dig. Benny has a garden hose fetish. (One) hose reel is shorter by 10m than it used to be. We have to be vigilant rolling it up.

How do they get on with other dogs?

Pretty well. My mother has a Maltese shih-tzu, who is the boss (of these two).

Have they had any injuries?

Benny has had a few crashes but no injuries. Angus injured his bicep in a wrestling match, which led to a visit to a specialist in Craigieburn. After six months of rest and relaxation he got that right and injured his elbow on the other side.

Words and pictures:

Rodney Woods