Working Dogs

Brothers go their own way

By Country News

How are the two dogs related?

Vicki: They are half-brothers — same father, different mother.

What are their personalities like?

Mark: Ollie is the active one.

Vicki: Ace is more reserved due to his injury.

Mark: Ace is more of a thinker.

What are their favourite things to do?

Mark: Ace loves a ride in the ute and if I get out to go somewhere he will sit in there all day with the window down.

Cassie: Ollie loves to swim.

Vicki: Any water will do. He will go down to the dam and swim or chase the ball.

Cassie: We have a fountain that he likes to play in as well.

What are their working abilities like?

Vicki: Ollie likes to chase the horses.

Mark: When we had sheep they had an instinctive manner about them but they have never had any formal training.

Vicki: Even Ace with his awkward ways likes to help.

Do they have any bad habits?

Vicki: Ollie will run down the fence-line and bark at the neighbours on a quad bike, which is a bit of a problem. He will also smack you in the foot when you’re not paying him attention.

Cassie: It used to be cute but now it hurts.

Where do they sleep?

Vicki: They have their own kennels.

Mark: Ollie goes in there willingly every night because he likes a treat. Ace is a bit more stubborn and takes a bit more time to convince.

Vicki: Ace thinks he should sleep inside.

What does Ace’s injury stop him from doing?

Vicki: He takes high steps, walks awkwardly and he can’t jump. If he chases a ball, he tends to fall over. He likes to be involved with what we are doing but he’s just a bit awkward.

What would you do without them?

Vicki: Life would be a little bit boring. They are always there to pat and be a companion. They are like my fourth and fifth children.