Working Dogs

Skills are work in progress

By Rodney Woods

What are their personalities like?

Chloe: Cobba can be fairly docile. She’s pretty spoilt and in everyone’s face. Willow is very energetic and wants to be with you. If I’m walking around, she will lick my hand to let me know she’s still there.

Are they good workers?

Chloe: Cobba really loves the calves. He thinks he is a working dog but will run through the cattle when we are bringing them up.

Willow used to be good but we didn’t have any work for six months ... she is starting to get back into it.

Do they have any unusual habits?

Chloe: Cobba has the most funny habits. He will jump on the chair, on Dad’s lap, and put a paw around his neck.

When he comes over, Cobba has to go wherever Willow is.

If Willow is locked up in the kennel, Cobba will sit and bark at her.

One other funny thing he does is run around with bits of palm tree and strips them.

Willow will run and jump the back gate, even if it’s open. She won’t walk through it.

Have they had any accidents?

Neil: The rat bait with Willow cost us a fortune.

Chloe: We thought she’d eaten the smallest amount. She was made to take tablets which dogs usually don’t like but Willow thought it was a treat.

Do they like riding in any farm machinery?

Neil: They both like the tractor. Willow has pressed the accelerator (with the brake on) and scared her and me as I was not in it.

What would you do without them?

Chloe: You’d (Neil) be lost without Cobba.

He’s always with him.

Willow I’d miss. I’d also be lost without her.