Working Dogs

Opposites but best of mates

By Rodney Woods

How did Piper get her name?

She’s black and white and I was going to call her Maggie but instead I took the last part of Magpie and as she was female, I added her to the end, and came up with Piper.

What are their personalities like?

Howser’s very laid-back and is lazy now and then. He loves going for a hunt; he’s not scared of the gun. Piper is opposite to Howser. She is very energetic, chases anything that moves and loves attention.

What are they like with the cattle?

Piper was going to be a working dog but is more a friend for Howser. Piper grew up with the calves and is more friends with them. She will go out and lick their snouts.

Do they have any quirks?

Howser tends to collect anything I will touch. He also tends to target one of the chooks or turkeys and follows it. Piper loves to swim in all weather.

Do they do anything bad?

Piper likes to go visit the neighbours without being asked. Luckily the neighbours like her. She basically has two homes. Piper is an egg thief. She’s basically a ninja.

What do they eat?

Dry dog food and fresh meat now and then, the occasional rabbit and of course an odd egg in between.

Where do they sleep?

Howser will sleep out in the dirt. Even if it’s raining he will sleep out in the dirt. Howser refuses to sleep in anything with a roof, I think. Piper will sometimes sleep in her kennel and sometimes she will sleep inside.

What would you do without them?

I’d be pretty bored and upset. I’d lose a long-time companion with Howser — and Piper likes pats all the time.