Working Dogs

Three legs just as good

By Country News

How did he lose his leg?

He was running alongside the ute to get in the shade and he ended up under the wheel. I nearly put him in the car but thought he’d be right. It wasn’t long after that he started yelping, poor little fella.

Does he have any unusual habits?

He will bark if people get too loud. I used to take him to the Pine Lodge pub when it was open, and when people were watching the footy and barracking he’d bark at them to shut them up ...

When he’s running you don’t even know he’s got three legs.

Does he do any tricks?

His one trick used to be shaking hands but he’s not very good at that now (with the missing leg).

Does he like to travel?

He travels in the car and knows it’s down time and goes to sleep and recharges the batteries. He comes in the tractor, or whatever, he doesn’t take up much room. As long as he can come he doesn’t care — but he’s not much of a fan of motorbikes but will come on one with me. He loves chasing and barking at them if someone else is on them.

What’s his working ability like?

He gets on good in the yards and barks at them (sheep) and gets them moving. He’s with me all the time. He possibly knows what I’m doing before I do.

I hear he’s good at hunting too.

He gets a bit crazy when the gun comes out. He loves hunting. He has a keen snozza (nose) on him. He’s good to find foxes in long grass but he can’t hold on to them because of the missing leg. He’s also a good quail hunter.