Working Dogs

There’s just no stopping Buster

By Country News

What is his personality like?

Buster is just a bundle of energy, he has been since the day we brought him home from the Campaspe Animal Shelter where we rescued him as a 10-month old pup. He is very loyal and for such a little goer he is happy to sit down for a good scratch or to follow you out to the sheds.

Is he a good worker?

Well, to be honest we don’t do that much work these days as we have retired onto this smaller property, but he’s a fair devil with the rabbits; he’s always busy running them down and it seems like every second time you see him he has one in his mouth.

Does he have any unusual habits?

He hates cars. We only get one or two a day that go past the gate but he gives them what for. And anyone coming down our driveway gets extra special attention — and a free wash of their tyres.

Has he had any accidents?

Yes, he was chasing a hare for a change and went racing down the paddock and onto the road — just when the one car for the day was coming past. The car hit Buster but fortunately the driver came down the drive and see if the injured dog belonged here.

In the meantime Buster, badly injured in one leg and his pelvis, was dragging himself down the road towards home, badly cutting his chest and stomach on the road’s blue metal surface.

He was a mess and lost a lot of blood. The vet said the leg had to go but it took two weeks for Buster to get well enough for the surgery.

But once he got home and slowly started to hop around he began to get his old bounce back.

We might have been thrilled with his progress but the rabbits weren’t — even on three legs he can still run them down.

Does he like riding farm machinery?

You try and keep him off the tractor. If he sees me heading that way he is straight after me. And he doesn’t mind doing a spin around the neighbourhood in the ute either.

What would you do without him?

Well, we wouldn’t want to think about that; he’s such a character and has done so well since his leg went. But I reckon the local rabbits would be pretty happy to see the back of him.