Working Dogs

Brothers are ready to rumble

By Rodney Woods

What are their personalities like?

This one (Biz) is the boss. He’s bigger and knocks Col around about it. They do a lot of fighting and chasing each other. I take them for a run every night and they try and race each other back up here, preferably to see if there are any rabbits around. The rabbits are pretty safe by the time they get here of course because they are a bit puffed.

Do they love to travel?

They love the back of the white ute. I bought a Nissan but they hate that — they won’t get in the back for whatever reason.

Have they been involved in any accidents?

Col got caught in a fence up here where there was a construction job done on the channel. There was a bit of sharp wire sticking out. Had to take him to the vet to get stitched up. They got poisoned, they got baited. The whole three of them — their mother as well. They had a night at the vets on the drip at Rochester. I thought they were about done for then but they came good.

How do they get on with each other?

The big one (Biz) bosses the little one (Col) a bit so the little one’s pretty keen on getting in the front of the ute these days. If I’m not quick enough to shut the door Col will be in.

How do they get on with other dogs?

They sort of protect their territory but they get on with most of the dogs around here.

How good are they at working?

If I had to rate them out of 10, Col would be a bit better. He’d be a six and Biz might be a five. Col is better in the yard but they are good paddock dogs. I don’t need them in the shed because the sheep seem to run pretty well in here.