Working Dogs

Friends with every man and his dog

By Rodney Woods

What is Ned’s personality like?

It’s brilliant. He’s so placid. The grandkids will sit all over him and he puts up with it and when he’s sick of it he sits somewhere else. His good nature is a standout. Everybody loves him and everybody knows him in the district. He’s everybody’s mate and he gets on with every other dog. He’s not a fighter.

What is his working ability like?

He did it all by himself. From a tiny pup he just worked. He’s better in the paddock. He works well in the yard but he doesn’t bark. He’s absolutely brilliant in the paddock. The only thing he can’t do is shut the gate. He’ll wander out and give anyone a hand who might be driving past with sheep. Pretty well my mate but he will work for everyone.

What is Ned like when you go on holidays?

When we go on holidays he goes to Warwick Gregory in town (Murchison) and we didn’t know how he would take it but he loves it. Another time he stayed in Dhurringile and he went to visit all the dogs in the area and he has also turned his hand to cows at a dairy farm at Dhurringile as well while holidaying.

Where does he sleep?

In his kennel tied up. When it’s dark he’ll stand beside the chain ready to be tied up.

What does Ned get to eat?

Dry food and wet food. He gets a pretty good diet.

Does he like to travel?

He loves the ute. He goes everywhere in the ute. That’s how everyone knows my ute because he’s in it. If we go into Shepparton, I’ll park and by the time I come back from the shops, someone’s always patting him.

What would you do without him?

I’ll probably retire. I’ve said when Ned retires, I probably will too.