Working Dogs

Canine trio just wants to work

By Rodney Woods

What breeds are the dogs?

Mick is a purebred border collie, Harry is a red and white kelpie and Gibson is a black and tan kelpie.

How is their working ability?

All the dogs love to push the sheep up in the yards and love to go back around them in the paddock. They love any sort of work. There’s nothing they don’t want to do. Mick and Harry are handy in the paddock and the yards. Gibson is good in the yards.

I hear you and your farm workers have differing opinions about Gibson’s ability?

The blokes here say he’s got no brains — but I say he’s got plenty of promise. I say, ‘I see promise’ and they just laugh at me.

What is Mick’s claim to fame?

He’s sired half a dozen litters and is a good fox killer. He’s quite a big dog.

Do any of the dogs have any quirks?

Harry’s our watchdog. He doesn’t trust people too much. Gibson’s habit is barking in the pen.

Where do they sleep?

They all have large pens with a kennel.

What do they get to eat?

Usually they get dog biscuits, canned food, sheep meat, and they get the scraps.

How do they get on with each other?

They are pretty good — they don’t have too many blues. They will have a barney every so often when one gets jealous when they are working.

What would you do without them?

I’m a little bit slow now to run around after the sheep. Working dogs aren’t given the credit for the work they do. We wouldn’t be able to run the livestock the way we do without them.