Growers get help

By Country News

The unique challenges faced by irrigated grain growers in Australia’s southern and northern cropping regions are to be addressed through a new suite of investments by the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

The GRDC is seeking applications for the delivery of a range of investments to support irrigated growers in their efforts to increase profitability from their cropping systems.

GRDC agronomy, soils and farming systems northern manager Kaara Klepper said the four new investments were designed to provide irrigated grain growers with the knowledge, confidence and tools to adopt management strategies which optimised return on investment.

‘‘The GRDC recognises that the challenges associated with growing crops within irrigated farming systems are often complex and that gaps exist in the provision of targeted research, development and extension (RD&E) to assist growers in overcoming those constraints,’’ Dr Klepper said.

‘‘Substantial increases in water costs in recent times have magnified the issues confronting growers whose decision-making around crop selection, crop management and quantity of irrigation water applied to crops can have a significant bearing on gross margins.’’

Dr Klepper said the GRDC had listened to the concerns of irrigated growers and designed this new research in a way that ensured growers had a hands-on role in ground truthing results.

‘‘Growers and advisers will play a pivotal role in this suite of investments through facilitated action learning groups, which will allow them to influence research questions and ensure research meets regional needs,’’ she said.

‘‘The groups will also provide critical links between growers and researchers, which will allow information to be shared and research results tested at a farm level, ultimately providing growers with tailored information and resources to better inform their management decisions.’’

■More information about the four irrigation-related investments can be found at:





■Applications close on Thursday, February 14, at 2pm.