Fast, slick machine launched

By Country News

A new revolutionary, non-stop, round baler wrapper combination, the VICON FastBale, has been launched.

According to PFG Australia, the new baler seamlessly processes grass into baled and wrapped forage and requires no input from the operator (other than driving) as a high-density bale is produced, without stopping.

‘‘It’s a huge breakthrough,’’ PFG’s Graeme Leigh said.

‘‘With the FastBale, contractors can work faster. They can continue baling without having to stop to release the bale.

‘‘That alone represents a great time saving.

‘‘Then, consider that two bales are in process, continuously, whilst another is being wrapped.

‘‘The whole operation is super fast, very slick and designed by the renowned Vicon development team.

‘‘We expect the FastBale to be of interest to those contractors who aim to achieve the highest levels of efficiency and productivity.’’

Already creating an impact in the European market, the FastBale was voted winner of the Grass Machine of the Year Award at the 2015 SIMA show, for its innovative technology and overall performance.

‘‘Vicon’s truly innovative design has led the FastBale to cleverly integrate a pre-chamber with the main chamber, and a wrapper, whilst remaining compact,’’ Mr Leigh said.

‘‘FastBale represents two world firsts: it is currently the world’s only non-stop fixed-chamber baler and secondly, it is the world’s only non-stop fixed-chamber baler-wrapper combination.

Mr Leigh explained how the baler and wrapper works.

‘‘The FastBale initially collects and compresses grass in the pre-chamber to two thirds of the completed size,’’ he said.

‘‘When the pre-selected density and size is reached, the crop flow and the bale are directed to the main chamber where completion of the bale occurs.

‘‘Once completed the grass flow is then diverted again into the pre-chamber to begin the formation of the next bale.

‘‘At the same time, the completed bale is smoothly transferred to the wrapper using gravity.’’

The class-leading wrapping capacity is achieved through the FastBale’s twin satellites, wrapping at a high speed of 50rpm.

With their unique horizontal mounting position they avoid crop build-up associated with many traditional systems and the wrap-around rear frame also eliminates any possibility of bales rolling off the wrapper when working on steeply sloping land.

Equipped with an IsoMatch TellUs terminal with a double-size colour touchscreen, the operator is kept fully informed through an animated display showing the real-time status of the pre- and main baling chambers, and wrapper.

PFG Australia is eager to introduce the revolutionary FastBale to contractors and farmers during its demonstration program in August.

PFG said with features too numerous to describe, seeing the FastBale in action was essential.

Phone PFG Australia on 8353 3600 to arrange a demonstration.