Kialla agriculture business gets a name change

By Rodney Woods

Better agricultural support for farmers will be a major benefit of William Adams Ag Shepparton's branch being rebranded to Goulburn Valley Ag, according to the branch's manager.

The construction business sold its share of the company to fellow owner Power Farming Group, meaning the latter now has complete control.

``(The process has) been in play for about eight weeks," Goulburn Valley Ag branch manager Christian Barnett said.

``Initially Power Farming Group bought the share of William Adams and in the changeover we have rebranded and refocused and change the sign on the building, which changed on the 19th of August.

``Shepparton has changed to Goulburn Valley Ag and William Adams have withdrawn out of their branches and commitments in other locations so we are now stand-alone Goulburn Valley Ag.

``William Adams Caterpillar are wanting to focus more on construction so they’ve withdrawn out of ag altogether.''

While acknowledging the role William Adams played in the Shepparton business, Mr Barnett could only see the re-branding as a positive.

"William Adams have been great support for us but obviously their dominant business is construction, where Power Farming Group's whole business is all about ag and making sure we deliver good, well valued, service to farmers and ag clients," he said.

"It will make our job a lot easier and probably allow us just to have a little bit closer access to resources in terms of support and service and sales, which is ultimately what we do here."

Goulburn Valley Ag is located at 7847 Goulburn Valley Hwy, Kialla.