Region’s recent rainfall leads to early rush on machinery parts orders

By Rodney Woods

O'Connors Shepparton has seen an increase in early orders for machinery parts due to the region's recent rainfall.

“Following the rain events, this year we have seen an earlier rush on parts compared to previous years and expect it to stay strong into the sowing season as growers continue to prepare themselves,” O'Connors Shepparton machinery sales team member Tom Hunt said.

“Over the past week we have been conducting new machine start-ups, which has given us some insight into how different soils have reacted to good rain.

“Every farm has been different and getting the right set-up for the paddock you're sowing is essential to ensure good seed-to-soil contact and germination occurs.”

Mr Hunt urged farmers to check their machinery works well in advance of needing it.

“The biggest take home point I would have is not to leave it to the last minute to pull the seeder out of the shed.

“Be prepared so that you can take full advantage of opportunities that present themselves and get the crop in the ground in a timely manner with little interruption.”

For more information on the parts, service or machinery O'Connors offers, call the Shepparton office on 5821 4555.