Plan now for spring fodder harvest

By Country News

Now is the time for farmers to plan for the spring fodder harvest and help rebuild the nation’s hay stocks, according to Australian Fodder Industry Association chair Frank McRae.

“It really is the time to think forward to spring — what silage and hay could I make?,” Mr McRae said.

“How will I be able to maintain the quality of the stored feed for years to come?

“If there is a lot of fodder around, we must be smart about storing it; pit silage is a way to preserve feed for many years.”

Mr McRae encouraged people to think to the future and consider fodder as part of their drought mitigation strategy.

In NSW, farmers who had to destock due to the drought have been offering their fresh pasture as agistment.

Demand for hay has decreased due to improved rainfall, with all categories of hay recording price decreases at the end of February.

AFIA chief executive officer John McKew said this would help realign market supply and demand.

“Widespread, near drought-breaking rains has relieved the pressure on both sides of the hay market,” Mr McKew said.

“This rain has provided many hay industry customers with the confidence to restock and strengthen their businesses; this is all good news for the future of the fodder industry.”