Top priced cow sells for $4000 at complete dispersal sale of Katandra herd

By Sophie Baldwin

The top price of $4000 paid for lot 26 at the complete dispersal sale of Kevin Minogue, Katandra West, is the highest price paid for a commercial cow in many years, according to Dairy Livestock Sales auctioneer Brian Leslie.

Mr Leslie said the sale was strong, with buyers from across the state in attendance.

The sale averaged $1780 across 300 lots, with the milkers averaging $2160.

Mr Minogue said he was pleased with the results, which saw good cows in-milk sell well.

‘‘Considering the circumstances and how early in the season it is, we were surprised and very happy,’’ Mr Minogue said.

The sale was a complete dispersal and represented 40 years of breeding history for Mr Minogue.

‘‘It was a challenging day and our emotions were all over the place, but the sale was a dissolving of a partnership and retirement from the industry,’’ he said.

‘‘I have enjoyed dairying and it has been a great industry to be involved in but it is our time to do something else now.’’

Mr Leslie said sale results had been quite strong over the past month, something he attributes to an increased chopper price.