Dairy export values jump despite falling volume

By Country News

The value of dairy exports in the year to April 2020 has jumped by 7.1 per cent, despite a 7.3 per cent reduction in the volume exported.

The latest figures from Dairy Australia show a significant fall in the amount of butter, cheddar and skim milk powder exported overseas.

While butter exports have fallen by 42.2 per cent and exports of skim milk powder and whole milk powder have fallen by 33.4 per cent and 9.7 per cent respectively, gains in other areas have helped balance out the falls.

Milk exports jumped 4.8 per cent, while other cheese exports crept up by 2.9 per cent.

A total of 626 209 tonnes of dairy produce was exported between July and April, a fall of more than 49 000 tonnes on the year prior.

Despite the falling volumes dairy exports from July to April were valued at $2.8 billion, an increase of $186 million on the year prior.

The increase was largely driven by a 8.3 per cent jump in the value of other cheeses, a 7.7 per cent increase in milk value and increases of more than a third in the value of mixtures and other dairy products.