Saputo warned over alleged failure to publish dairy code agreements on time

By Country News

Australia's competition watchdog has issued a warning to dairy processor Saputo after it allegedly failed to publish its milk supply agreements by the 2 pm deadline on June 1.

Under the mandatory code of conduct, all milk supply agreements had to be made public by the 2 pm deadline.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission alleged Saputo did not publish its 2020-21 milk season agreements until about 3 pm on June 1 due to a "very late technical failure".

The ACCC said Saputo took immediate steps to correct the technical failure.

“Saputo has undertaken to examine its internal processes, review the factors that contributed to the breach and make any necessary changes to ensure it meets the publishing requirements of the dairy code in future,” a statement from the ACCC said.

“While the ACCC accepts that this alleged breach was inadvertent, all dairy processors are expected to comply with the code and should ensure they have proper processes in place, as well as legal and technical support, to enable them to meet their publishing requirements.

“The ACCC takes dairy code compliance very seriously. Non-compliance with the dairy code may result in the ACCC taking enforcement action, including court proceedings seeking a financial penalty.”

● More information, including guidance for farmers and processors, can be found at: accc.gov.au/business/industry-codes/dairy-code-of-conduct/enforcement-of-the-dairy-code