Kyabram equine vet business expands

By Rodney Woods

Kyabram's Northern Rivers Equine Veterinary Clinic has expanded, with recent improvements including a new 16m x 46m barn comprising 17 horse boxes, feed room, tack room, wash-down area and tie-up stalls.

A smaller barn dedicated to stallion collection and a Magnum Equine eight-horse monorail walker were other additions to the facility.

Founded by Kath McIntosh in July 2009, Northern Rivers — which was originally set up on 32ha — now occupies a total of 206ha.

With the expected increase in horse numbers in the 2019-20 stud season, Northern Rivers has acquired a 162ha property 10 minutes from the home farm.

Dr McIntosh said the horse boxes and equine walker would be used primarily for the preparation of yearlings.

“We’ll also use it for rehabilitation of a variety of equine athletes and managing some of our broodmares,” she said.

Dr McIntosh said the second barn housed a purpose-built laboratory, feed room and dedicated stallion paddocks to meet government quarantine protocols and procedures.

“It will be utilised for processing and analysing the semen and readying it for packaging and distribution around Australia and New Zealand.

"This will complement the clinic's current service to train and collect stallions for shipment, as well as semen freezing."

Dr McIntosh said the veterinary clinic also provided state-of-the-art veterinary services on-site for the horses on-farm, and also to the wider community.

“We have a 24-hour full ambulatory service to clients away from the clinic and people can bring their horses directly to the clinic as well.

"We are not just about breeding but can treat and manage all your race horse issues too, from lameness to airway problems, as well as manage the general health and wellbeing of ponies, pleasure horses, dressage and showjumpers.

"The clinic features digital radiography, endoscopy, shockwave, pathology, power float for dentistry and a master farrier onsite to complement the service.

"In addition it is the Victorian base for Equine Blood Solutions, featuring the regenerative therapy Autologous Conditioned Serum.

"This can be used to manage soft tissue and joint injuries, airway disorders as well as promoting recovery and general health and wellbeing.

“On-farm our services include foaling down the mares, weaning and handling the young stock, yearling preparation for sales in Melbourne and Sydney, spelling, breeding using frozen and chilled semen as well as embryo transfer with our own recipient herd.”

The Northern Rivers team, led by Dr McIntosh, is made up of veterinarians Ashley Greeves, Alison Greaves and Meagan Thomas and stallion manager Josh Taylor.

They are also supported by stud hands/nurses Samantha Bailey and Renee Keaveny.