Challenge winners on display

By Country News

After celebrating success at the recent Victorian Limousin On-Farm Challenge, Mistletoe Limousins is now preparing for 2019 Beef Week.

The Greta stud will open its doors on Australia Day and two-year-old bulls, 18-month-old bulls and weaner bulls will be on display.

There will also be a selection of cows and calves, and cows due to calve in the autumn, as well as the bulls and females that were placed or highly commended at the recent Limousin On-Farm Challenge.

‘‘The progeny of Mistletoe bulls and Limousin bulls in general continue to provide extra money per animal for the commercial breeder,’’ Mistletoe Limousins stud principal Denis O’Connor said.

‘‘At Mistletoe Limousins an extensive, well-researched AI program ensures the continued emphasis on bulls that have good growth, muscling, fat cover, being structurally correct, calve easily, are docile and easily handled, with most being polled,’’ he said.

‘‘Mistletoe Limousins not only provide hybrid vigour to progeny when crossed with other breeds but also provide the excellent Limousin attributes of less waste, more valuable cuts of meat and ability to thrive on pasture with minimal supplementary feeding.

‘‘These attributes enable the commercial producer to improve their income.’’

Mistletoe Limousins will be open for inspection on Saturday, January 26 in Dinnings Lane, Greta South.