Longwood ram stud to hold on-property sale this month

By Rodney Woods

Forty paddock-run and 10 shed-prepared rams will be up for sale at the Hynam Poll Merinos second on-property ram sale.

The Longwood stud breeds to produce elite, soft, white, long staple wool, giving the option to shear twice yearly, according to stud owner Kevin Hynam.

"The sheep are bred with a plain breech area, suiting the un-mulesed wool market," he said.

"The large early maturing body type allows the wether lambs to be shorn potentially twice, finished and sold as prime lambs for maximum return all before cutting their teeth."

The Hynam Poll Merinos sale will be held on Friday, September 20 from 12pm at 643 Carmodys Rd, Longwood.

The rams will be on display from 10am.