Pepperton stud’s annual ram sale

By Country News

Roger and Dianne Trewick will host their annual ram sale on October 30, offering about 108 top rams at the Elmore Field Days site.

Around 69 Poll Dorsets and 39 White Suffolks will be on offer, with Glasser Total Sales Management running the sale.

Pepperton rams have had no grain feeding, as they are run on dryland lucerne and pasture. The Trewicks say the rams present extremely well straight out of the paddock, with no masking from a pumped-up feeding regime.

β€œThe Pepperton flocks have a combined 760 breeding ewes in their two studs and are ahead of industry averages on the Carcase Plus and Lamb Eating Quality (LEQ) indices and most individual trait EBVs,” they said.

The annual buyer-friendly sale boasts high health levels where commercial lamb producers and stud breeders can purchase prime lamb product in a quicker turn-off time.