Beef Week ‘useful tool’ for selling cattle, says Greta South stud owner

By Rodney Woods

Greta South stud Mistletoe Limousins will open its doors during Beef Week for the 16th year.

Stud principal Denis O’Connor said he kept coming back due to the sales he had done on the open day in previous years.

“The day is a very useful tool for the sale of bulls and selected females, as well as displaying the majority of our herd for inspection to the commercial and stud breeders from all over Victoria and southern NSW,” Mr O'Connor said.

The Mistletoe herd is from a base of French genetics, which gives predictability of breeding.

The use of polled genetics from North America has seen the herd become predominantly polled, with good fat cover while retaining the Limousin traits of good muscle, ease of calving, docility, high yield and the ability to do well on grass pastures.

Ten 19-month-old sires and eight 24-month-old sires will be up for sale.

“Cow families will be on display so that buyers can see the breeding females that have produced this impressive line of young sires,” Mr O'Connor said.

“Being able to inspect siblings of the bulls and their dams or grand dams enables the visitors to view the consistency of breeding that produces a product that will breed true to the sire's genetics.

“Estimated breeding values will be available for all animals as a tool to assist in the decision of purchasing a new bull.”

All bulls are delivered free of charge within a 120 km radius and are part of the Limousin Assured Program.

Mistletoe Limousins is at 120 Dinnings Lane, Greta South (east of Benalla) and will be open to the public on Thursday, January 30.