White Suffolk conference will inspire sheep producers

By Jamie Salter

Stud and commercial producers will benefit from the Australian White Suffolk Association conference, which will identify innovative agricultural businesses and sheep meat insights.

The conference will be held from Sunday, February 2 to Tuesday, February 4 at Aspect Tamar Valley Resort in Grindelwald, Tasmania, with guests from across Australia.

Conference committee member Chris Badcock said the program was designed to combine sheep and agricultural businesses, to help people think creatively and generate discussion.

“They will be sharing insights on philosophy and marketing in their successful businesses,” Mr Badcock said.

Information sessions will include an update on the Tasmanian market and LAMBPLAN, a presentation on the Tasvax 8 vaccine, an explanation of the philosophy of Petuna Seafoods and the ovine brucellosis-free accreditation scheme in Tasmania.

Information sessions will be followed by tastings from the Delamere Winery in Tasmania.

Day two will include visits to Heazlewood Seeds at Whitemore to see vegetable, cereal and pasture seeds packaged for export, a poppy paddock inspection and a James Boag's Brewery tour.

The conference will conclude with the annual general meeting and a dinner at the Aspect Tamar Valley Resort, featuring guest speaker and champion axeman David Foster.

Mr Badcock said drought and bushfires would impact attendance this year, but a good turnout was still expected.

“Most breeders had strong demand for White Suffolk rams throughout the selling season in Tasmania last year,” he said.

“Rams are going over first-cross ewes and a reasonable number over Merinos.”

Mr Badcock said there was continued demand for White Suffolk cross lambs from processors.

“The restockers like the White Suffolk-sired lamb for its easy-care attributes and clean points.”

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