Time for autumn feed budgeting

By Country News

Livestock producers will have the chance to have their questions on autumn feeding answered through an online webinar delivered by Agriculture Victoria veterinary officer Cathy Bunter.

Topics that may be addressed include how long to supplementary feed animals, the value of autumn pasture, animals’ nutritional requirements for their stage of gestation or lactation and the increased nutritional requirements for weaner management.

Dr Bunter has more than 28 years experience working in mixed veterinary practices across Australia, including five years as a lecturer in animal nutrition, health and production at Longerenong Agricultural College.

Dr Bunter said developing an accurate feed budget and incorporating the introduction of early-season pasture to an animal’s diet was critical to ensure animal nutritional needs and growth rate goals were met.

“Efficient supplementary feeding is key to ensuring profitability, as well as pasture persistence,” she said.

The seminar will assist producers to assess if they have adequate feed on offer and to understand the variable properties of early season growth.

“Using feed tests and interpreting the results into real-time animal nutritional requirements confidently is an important skill,” Dr Bunter said.

“We will take a ‘step-by-step’ approach to navigating this through the beginning of the season.”

This event is delivered by Agriculture Victoria with funding through the Victorian Government’s 2019 to 2020 Drought Support program.

The autumn feed budgeting webinar/phone seminar, will be held at 7.30 pm on Wednesday, May 6.

Register online at: and for more information contact Tess McDougall at or 0409 841 492.