Sheep killed in dog attack on Kyabram property

By Jamie Salter

Three pregnant ewes have been killed on a Kyabram property in a series of dog attacks across five weeks.

And it’s not the first time it has happened — a previous dog attack cost the farmer 17 ewes and lambs in one night.

The property is on The Avenue and the owner of the mauled sheep, who does not want to be named, said he was now forced to keep his pregnant ewes and lambs locked in a shed overnight.

“It’s definitely a large, black dog — I’ve got hair on the property because the property is fenced with deer wire, and I found the spot where it came in from under the wire,” he said.

“The dog is completely eating their necks, he even chewed straight through the bottom jawbone of one that was about three weeks off lambing.”

The most recent attack was on August 1 and the dog killed a ewe each time.

Campaspe Shire general manager community Keith Oberin said a council community ranger attended the property to complete a report.

“With the landowner not sighting the animal, it is difficult to proceed with further investigations, beyond advising surrounding landowners and reminding the community of their responsibilities to ensure animals are kept within premises,” Mr Oberin said.

The deaths are a big blow to the farmer, who recently sold one of his sheep for $185.

The mixed farmer said he was fully licensed to shoot a dog that caused distress to livestock on the property.

“When it happened before I got the dog the following night,” he said.

“It was a big greyhound.

“There’s no more I can do than put the sheep in the shed until they get bigger, but people need to keep dogs locked up or tied up overnight, or they might not make it home.”