Finley team earns respect

By Country News

The Finley High School show team was again blessed with outstanding success at the annual Australian Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo last week.

Four Year 9 students — Archie Mason, Ben Bauer, Sophie Griffiths and Riley Kleinschmidt — along with their agriculture teacher Gary Webb attended the event from July 18 to 21.

Mr Webb said not only was he ecstatic about their results, he was proud of the students who represented the school with 10 sheep.

‘‘Finley High had our best ever results for the show,’’ he said.

‘‘It was an amazing set of results that we are extremely proud of.

‘‘Each of our entries won a ribbon and I am stoked with the quality of our ewes, which were outstanding.

‘‘A lot of people took notice of how good they were.’’

Mr Webb said the students gained a lot of respect representing the school.

‘‘The students were outstanding ambassadors for Finley High and earned a lot for respect from other breeders in the shed because of their demeanour and handling ability of the sheep.’’

On the Saturday, Finley High showed in the Poll Dorset section in the first three novice classes.

‘‘We won two of those three and were then awarded the Novice Aggregate Trophy for a third year in a row,’’ Mr Webb said.

They continued their success in the open classes with one first ribbon, one second, two thirds and one fourth.

‘‘In the Ewe under 1 shorn class in the Poll Dorsets, there were 14 sheep and we won third and fourth,’’ he said.

‘‘Those two came out of the novice class and did exceptionally well.

‘‘We also did really well in the Pair of Ewes under 1. We were second place in that class.

‘‘We also did quite well in the Ewe Lamb Class, which we weren’t really expecting.’’

They finished the show with success on Sunday with the schools’ interbreed classes.