Senate passes motion for greater quad bike safety

By Rodney Woods

The National Farmers' Federation is buoyed by the Senate's support for Greens agriculture spokesperson Janet Rice's motion to implore the government to act now on quad bike safety.

“It speaks volumes that the Senate came together to emphatically pass a motion to call on the government to mandate operator protection devices on all new quad bikes within two years, as recommended by the ACCC,” NFF president Fiona Simson said.

“It's disappointing to say the least that the Liberal-National government continues to turn their back on farmers on this issue.

“We again ask the question, how many lives need to be lost and how many life-altering injuries do farmers need to endure before the government sees merit in this simple but life-saving change?”

Since 2001, more than 230 Australians have died in quad-bike-related accidents. Eight lives have been lost this year.

The NFF's support for the ACCC's recommendation is shared by regional Australia's most powerful voices including the Rural Doctors Association of Australia, the Royal Flying Doctor Service, the National Rural Health Alliance, the National Rural Women's Coalition, the Country Women's Association of Australia, and the Australian Workers' Union.