Submissions on export bill open until October 4

By Rodney Woods

The Federal Government is ensuring farmers and exporters have access to modern, streamlined legislation that helps them get their goods into overseas markets.

Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie released the exposure draft of the Export Control Bill 2019 on September 11, which she said showed the government's commitment to arming exporters with fit-for-purpose export legislation.

“This legislation consolidates export certification provisions that are currently scattered through about 20 acts and 40 pieces of subordinate legislation,” Senator McKenzie said.

“It strengthens our regulatory muscle so that the penalties courts will have available to them will match the severity of the breach.

“If we’re going to make agriculture worth $100 billion by 2030 we need to be promoting trade and modernising the systems that support our agricultural exports.”

The bill aims to remove duplication and provide consistency in export regulation.

Interested stakeholders are invited to attend consultative sessions and to view information on the department’s website.

Submissions on the Export Control Bill are open until October 4.

Submissions can be made at: export legislation