Seasonal determinations increase in most systems

By Rodney Woods

Seasonal determinations continue to increase in most northern Victorian water systems, while the Broken and Bullarook systems remain steady.

Northern Victoria resource manager Andrew Shields updated the new determinations on September 16, with the Murray system moving from 33 per cent of high-reliability water shares to 35 per cent HRWS.

The Goulburn and Loddon systems increased from 37 per cent HRWS to 44 per cent HRWS, while the Campaspe system moved from 49 per cent HRWS to 50 per cent HRWS.

Seasonal determinations in the Broken system remained on 0 per cent HRWS and the Bullarook system remained on 100 per cent HRWS and 100 per cent low-reliability water shares.

Mr Shields said flows into the major storages had been variable in recent weeks but had continued to increase the water available to allocate to seasonal determinations.

“Since the last assessment, flows into the storages increased from rainfall in the catchment areas, particularly in the Goulburn system,” he said.

“The catchments remain relatively wet but more rainfall during spring is needed to increase the volume of water available.

“The latest Bureau of Meteorology seasonal outlook indicates below-average rainfall across all of northern Victoria is more likely during the October to December period.”

Mr Shields advised water users to consider available weather and climate information in conjunction with the seasonal determination outlooks when planning their water needs in 2019-20.

The next 2019-20 seasonal determination announcement will be released on Tuesday, October 1.