Murray Irrigation starts process to sell MILCast

By Rodney Woods

The board of Murray Irrigation has announced that it will start the sale process for MILCast, a business division of the company, based in Finley.

Murray Irrigation chairman Phil Snowden said the decision aimed to foster the future success of MILCast under the stewardship of a more suitable owner.

“As a precast concrete manufacturer, MILCast is fundamentally a production and sales business and after careful consideration the board has accepted that it would benefit from new owners who specialise in these areas.

“As a major employer in the Finley region, a key consideration for the board was to ensure that this was the right move for the local community and the Murray Irrigation business.

“In this current climate of drought and ongoing difficult conditions, Murray Irrigation must focus on its core business of providing efficient and reliable water delivery, advocating for water resources and investing in agricultural growth for residents across our footprint.”

During the next 10 days, an expression of interest process for the sale of the business will commence.

Potential purchasers who wish to register their interest should contact Mark Uebergang of Hensgen Partners on 0410529195.