Mandatory rollover protection for quad bikes

By Country News

All new quad bikes sold in Australia will have mandatory roll bars within two years under new safety rules.

Federal Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar announced the changes on Thursday.

“This safety standard aims to address the high risk of rollovers, which is especially important for many of our farmers and their families who use these vehicles daily,” Mr Sukkar said.

Increased pressure had been placed on the Federal Government from agriculture groups who demanded mandatory protection in order to save lives.

Quad bike safety proponent, Emily Cason from Nathalia, lost her son in a quad bike accident and has been fighting for quad bike protection ever since.

She said the change had been a long time coming and she was realistic about the time it would take to implement.

“I don't feel relieved like I thought I would,” Ms Cason said.

“If it had been done before Sam died, he'd still be here.

“I'm glad it's happened and that no-one else will die.”

When asked if this law was enough, Ms Cason said charges should apply when children are on quad bikes.

“I hope it's not 'Oh that's good enough' and that they stop,” she said.

The bikes will need to be fitted with an operator protection device, blocking the bike from the driver in the event of a rollover.

The new regulations will also force bikes to have roll warnings within a year.

The news comes just after a three-year-old boy died in a quad bike accident on October 6, near the Victorian-NSW border.