Weed spraying underway in Greater Shepparton

By Ashlea Witoslawski

Weed spraying is under way along regional roads in Greater Shepparton.

Conducted by Greater Shepparton City Council, the works aim to control weed species including Paterson’s curse, horehound, nightshade and blackberry.

“Spring and summer are the best times to control these weeds to ensure they are kept under control,” council environment manager Greg McKenzie said.

“Farmers and other regional property owners will be aware of the importance of undertaking weed control.

“Keeping the weeds under control assists with preserving our native vegetation and also nearby crops.”

Weed spraying will continue until January.

Large block and regional property owners are encouraged to phone council on 5832 9700 to report the presence of the above listed weeds on council-managed land.