The perfect backyard cricket pitch

By Country News

Cricket season is in full swing and many Australians will be wondering how to get the perfect backyard cricket pitch.

Plant Doctor company owner Adam Fitzhenry says creating the ideal cricket pitch is more about your lawn’s recovery from a scalping than preparing a test pitch.

“If you’re going to create a backyard cricket pitch, you need to cut a portion of your lawn low, but with the drought and lack of rain, it’s important to consider the recovery of your lawn post-cricket season,” Mr Fitzhenry said.

“Depending on what type of lawn you have will determine how short you can cut your grass, aim for about 10 mm, but some types of lawn like to be mowed low, others not so much.

“For your pitch, you want somewhere that offers space, but is flat and reasonably hard so it accommodates bounce.

“Although proper cricket pitches are rolled, if you’re after a nice lawn, you want open airy soil, so I don’t advise using a roller.”

Mr Fitzhenry recommends conditioning your lawn and — more importantly — soil, with an organic regimen in the lead-up to any backyard matches.

“People that condition and prepare their soil several weeks earlier will help everything cope with the lack of rain, the high temperatures and most importantly the recovery of a scalp.

“Use a quality soil wetter, a liquid kelp or seaweed and a humic acid-based soil conditioner and apply fortnightly at least a month before the cut.

“Right before your match, perhaps a few days earlier, a dose of iron will help your lawn turn a lovely shade of dark green for the day.

“Ideally, the right regimen will ensure your lawn has an improved water holding capacity, will reduce the need for watering and put less stress on your lawn.”