Kerang to host a-maize-ing field walk

By Rodney Woods

Key researchers, local grain growers and industry representatives will convene near Kerang on January 30 to discuss the new grain maize research being conducted in the region.

The field walk, starting at 9 am, will provide the opportunity to hear directly from key grain researchers Nick Poole and Michael Straight, from FAR Australia, and Damian Jones, from the Irrigated Cropping Council, about the maize project.

Key topics up for discussion include plant nutrition, crop establishment and stay green effects in grain maize.

Stephen Wilson, from GenTech Seeds, will also be on-site to provide insights on how to drive, deliver and capitalise on genetic gain in maize crops.

“We are very fortunate to be able to conduct this research locally, so that growers have access to key information about growing maize for grain under our irrigated and environmental conditions,” Irrigated Cropping Council executive officer Charlie Aves said.

“Results from this local work will be hugely beneficial in helping growers and agronomists make informed decisions about growing grain maize and agronomic issues and opportunities to drive yield.

“This field walk is for anyone growing maize or considering growing maize in the future.

“Growers and agronomists can talk directly with key researchers about the project, the outcomes and how they can be applied on farm.”

The field walk runs from 9 am to 11 am on Thursday, January 30 at Colin Gitsham's property on the corner of Gitsham Lane and Hallinan Rd at Wandella, west of Kerang.

For more information and to register, phone Mel Mann on 0447 803 305 or email: