Sox and his owner are always a pair

By Rodney Woods

Katunga dairy farmer Keith Nicoll may not have the greatest working dog, but what Sox lacks in that department, he makes up for with his loyalty. Keith got Sox when the border collie was between 18 months and two years old, and Sox has calmed down plenty in the three years since, so much so that he never leaves his owner's side.

I hear Sox was very skinny was you first got him?

He was so hyperactive (when I got him) that he'd run until his paws wore out. He was so skinny that I took him to the vet and the vet asked "how much do you feed him?" and I told him how much and the vet said "feed him that much times three".

Is it true the locals urged you to enter Sox in the greyhound racing?

He always wants a race against the motorbike and he was clocking about 50 km/h so the locals dared me to take him to the Shepparton greyhound track.

How loyal is Sox?

He knows my vehicles and I might change vehicles without him knowing so he waits for me to come back. That might be the next day.

How obedient is he?

He won't cast. He'll never come off a hare but he knows by my tone of voice what to do. He knows to stay on the road when I'm working with calves but the cars have to go around him because he thinks the road is his.

How does he get on with other animals?

He gets on well with the cats at the dairy. They often lie together. He has been known to beat the cats to the cat food.

What's he's favourite form of transport?

The ute. He's always straight in the back of the ute.