Tasmanian dairy stud sells heifers in Shepparton

By Rodney Woods

A Tasmanian dairy stud sold 114 AI-bred, autumn-calving heifers at Shepparton Regional Saleyards on Thursday.

Hailing from Wynyard, on the state's north-west coast, Bruce and Debbie Chamley witnessed a total clearance of the yarding, generating $243 950.

The sale was mostly made up of Holstein heifers, which averaged $2211, while the 13 Friesian/Jersey cross heifers averaged $1580.

Fresh calving or close to calving heifers appealed to Katunga dairy farmer Greg Moore, who purchased 13 head at an average of $2453, which included the top price of $2700 twice.

South Gippsland's Peter Hanrahan, of Homebush Pastoral Company, purchased 27 for an average of $2374, while the Field family, also from Gippsland, purchased 42 head at an average of $2164.

“The vendors were rewarded for their initiative in bringing their heifers from Tasmania to the mainland,” Flanagan Marketing Services director Lawrie Flanagan said.

“The sale once again proved that top quality dairy cattle will always meet strong demand.”

The sale was conducted by Flanagan Marketing Services and Mulcahy Nelson.