Cosgrove farmer cleans up at Dookie awards ceremony

By Rodney Woods

Cosgrove's Allan Shields cleaned up at Dookie's Australia Day awards ceremony, taking home two individual awards for his community work.

While he acknowledged it was great to be recognised as Dookie's Citizen of the Year, as well as accepting the Community Event of the Year on behalf of the Dookie Lions Club for their work supporting the Royal Children's Hospital, it was when his name was read out as Greater Shepparton's Citizen of the Year that surprised him the most.

“The Dookie Citizen (of the Year), that's picked from a small community but to get the Greater (Shepparton) one, that's a big achievement because it's all the small towns plus the city of Shepparton,” he said.

“It means a lot because the activities I do all the time must have read well with the Greater Shepparton City Council.

“I was bit humbled on Sunday (January 26) with the Greater Shepparton City (Council award).

Mr Shields farms sheep and grows crops on his Cosgrove property and said his family was the reason for him getting started in the industry.

“Dad was a farmer and my brother was a farmer and I've just taken over and enjoy it.”

There is no surprise Mr Shields was recognised for his community work when you look at what he has been involved in.

Mr Shields has been involved with the Dookie Lions Club since 1997, has been a major player in the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal lamb auction, he has given blood for 40 years and he was the main organiser of Australia's drumMUSTER event, which he hosted on his farm and then represented the Dookie Lions Club in Queensland, where 40 000 chemical drums were shipped to from the region.