Real-time data now available to help efficiency on-farm

By Rodney Woods

Agricultural communities near Tatura and Serpentine will soon be able to better manage their crops, thanks to a new digital network being administered as part of the Victorian Government’s Internet of Things trial.

The new long-range network will allow for thousands of sensors to be securely connected to the internet, providing farmers with real-time data to improve their on-farm productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

Victorian Agriculture Minister Jaclyn Symes announced leading Australian Internet of Things network provider NNNCo will work with Agriculture Victoria to provide network connectivity to trial sites in the Tatura and Serpentine regions, as well as the Maffra and Birchip regions.

The delivery of network connectivity will be an important part of the government's ongoing on-farm Internet of Things trial — addressing key barriers that farmers have identified to investing in technology, like a lack of access to reliable network coverage.

Ms Symes said the network also had the potential to support the wider community, providing improved connectivity so everyone in the trial regions can benefit from Victoria’s growing digital economy.

NNNCo has experience deploying and managing networks to support cities, utilities, logistics and agriculture.

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