Pats not food, says Tim the kelpie

By Rodney Woods

Kerri Brook and Ken Evans live on 20.2 ha at Creightons Creek and joining them is kelpie Tim. If it was not for his new owners Tim would have been put down and not got the chance to feature on this page. He loves walking and riding in the ute, but when it comes to the weather, storms are not his favourite.

How did Tim get his name?

Kerri: He's timid so we went with Tim.

How did you get him?

A neighbour of Steve's (Kerri's brother) said he didn't want him and Steve said he was going to the kennel in the sky. I said I can't let that happen and we were offered him after just putting down our dog due to old age.

What is Tim's personality like?

He has a very gentle and lovely temperament. We love him for that. He loves attention. He'd prefer a pat than to get food.

What's his favourite food?

Pet mince - that's his favourite.

Does he like to travel?

He loves Ken's ute. He loves going anywhere in the ute.

Is he a good worker?

He doesn't get a lot of opportunity to work, but he is a smart and clever dog.

What exercise does he get if he doesn't work?

I take him for a routine walk every morning and if I'm not up at six he reminds me by yodelling. I give him a treat during the walk and he will be walking and he will turn and stops in front of me because he remembers this is the spot where he gets his treat.