Duck season delay

By Jamieson Salter

Member for Eastern Victoria Jeff Bourman says the delay in the announcement of the 2020 Victorian duck hunting season has demonstrated serious issues with the process for determining the yearly parameters.

“The Game Management Authority is tasked with conducting inquiries involving data from many sources, as well as those ideologically opposed to duck hunting, and coming up with a result to be presented to the agriculture minister,” he said.

“What is also apparent is that there are also faceless bureaucrats involved in the end result, which is the antithesis of how the determination should be reached.”

The GMA studies habitat, waterfowl numbers and climate to recommend changes to the year's duck hunting season length and bag limit to the agriculture minister.

Mr Bourman also believes the delay will impact employers’ ability to cover leave for those who, upon the announcement of a season, would usually take time off to be involved in the harvesting of game birds.

Field & Game Australia chief executive Dean O’Hara said recreational game bird hunting was a fine Australian example of conservation through sustainable use of wildlife.

“FGA stands by its choice to pursue the facts and the data to ensure the most sustainable outcome for a 2020 (duck hunting) season,” he said.

``It is not the role or responsibility of the urbanised community to reject an influx of much-needed money into a rural community.”