MP submits petition to NSW Parliament

By Country News

NSW Member for Murray Helen Dalton submitted a petition with 10 000 signatures to the NSW Parliament Tabling Office, which would create a national water register if the motion is passed.

The petition was submitted on February 4 and will be debated in NSW Parliament on Thursday, February 27, with the potential to initiate a water royal commission and expose water ownership across Australia.

Mrs Dalton said the petition reached 10 000 signatures in five months.

“It means NSW Parliament are legally obliged to debate an issue they’ve been avoiding for years,” she said.

Mrs Dalton said the only reason anyone would be against transparency would be ministers who own water or who are covering up for their corporate donors.

“At present, politicians, foreign companies, Sydney traders and celebrities can all buy and trade water, but there’s no way for the public to identify them,” she said.

“Water traders can manipulate prices and take advantage of the drought to make money off the back of struggling farmers.

“The first step in stopping this insanity is to reveal who owns water.”

Mrs Dalton has called on Federal Member for Farrer and Environment Minister Sussan Ley to advocate for the motion in Federal Parliament. «« as many voters come from Minister Ley's electorate »»

Mrs Dalton said calls for a bushfire royal commission from the Federal Government accentuated the lack of action for water.

A private member’s bill for a state water register, written by Mrs Dalton, will have NSW MPs declare their water ownership.

It is expected to be introduced in parliament in March.