More support for northern Victorian dairy farmers

By Rodney Woods

Dairy farmers throughout northern Victoria needing to evaluate their future in the industry now have access to a dedicated dairy support program, run by AgBiz Assist.

Access to the program, which is supported by the Rural Financial Counselling Service Victoria – North East, is free and offers fast, confidential and specific technical support from a range of highly experienced farm business and dairy specialists.

“More than 30 dairy farmers are now experiencing the value of the program since its launch late last year as it addresses some of the worries relating to the current high costs of dairying in northern Victoria and helps farmers clarify their decision making,” AgBiz Assist leading agribusiness specialist Jim Moll said.

“Every farm business situation is unique so once the current financial position has been established the prospects of other ventures or areas of interest can be identified and financially tested.

“Succession planning, exploring the viability of alternative enterprises, even looking at expansion opportunities or exiting the industry altogether may be the next step in a more positive future.”

In addition to helping with financial analysis and detailed budgeting, the service is also able to direct farmers with specific technical needs, such as cow nutrition, to associated agencies Murray Dairy and Agriculture Victoria.

“It’s encouraging to see the level of interest our dairy clients have in expanding their business interests or assessing the viability of alternative enterprises to dairying,” Mr Moll, who is based in Benalla, said.

“Our role is to provide the support they need to make it all happen as smoothly as possible.”

To arrange an on-farm appointment or to book an appointment at offices in Shepparton, Numurkah, Benalla or Swan Hill, call 1300 834 775.