Four’s not a crowd in this furry family

By Country News

Meet 10-year-old Bess, seven-year-olds Blackie and Blue, and the latest addition to the kelpie family — nine-month-old Bingo. Wahring sheep farmer Glenn Haines never has a dull moment with these four furry friends running the show.

Who is the top dog?

Bess knows where the stock has to go and which way they have to turn when we come to the intersection. Sometimes she outsmarts herself though, and she'll almost take the stock back on her own. She likes rolling over to get her tummy scratched and she digs holes in the garden if you let her off overnight.

Do they enjoy farm work?

They work sporadically, they'll do two weeks when we're shearing and two weeks when we're crutching and then it's quiet again. They don't do much in between but they're good company. If you're shearing, two will come out and two will have a rest for a while; they work well in pairs.

Are they hard workers?

Blackie gets a bit lazy and gets half the mob back and he won't go around them completely, he'll say ‘Ah, that's enough'. You have to keep on him to keep him moving and make sure he gets them all.

Do they get along?

They enjoy each other's company and get on pretty well, they're all pretty relaxed about it. They run around and play all day.

Do they travel with you?

They get on the quad bike and the back of the ute. Blackie will put his paw up to get a pat if he's in the back of the ute.

Would you get more dogs?

I think four is enough; it's a good, even number.