Beer-loving Bud is always by Goornong farmer’s side

By Rodney Woods

Goornong farm worker Sam Holman has a friendly sidekick, who is always near the ute ready to go wherever Sam does. Bud, the 3½-year-old red heeler, has already had a brush with fame starring in a video Sam uploaded to Facebook. Sam got Bud from Rochester and the deal was complete after handing over three cartons of XXXX Gold beer, which maybe explains Bud's fascination with ripping cartons of alcohol open.

Can you tell us about his personality?

He’s a pretty good dog. Since I got him he spends his time in the back of the ute or near the ute or if I'm in the tractor. He's not your typical red heeler — he's very friendly, which is good when you’ve got kids around. He's not a fan of being left behind. He doesn’t let me out of his sight very often.

What's Bud's working ability like?

He’s not too bad. He prefers to chase the kangaroos, rabbits and foxes. He's not very good in the stockyards.

Can you tell us any stories about Bud?

He was actually on 7 News a couple of weeks ago getting chased by cows. He was running away and they were chasing him. I posted the video on Facebook and it went on 7 News. He had a habit of opening up beer boxes with beer in them while on the back of the ute — that didn’t gain him any friends.

Has he been involved in accidents?

He has run in front of a gun while we were shooting ‘roos and copped a couple of pellets but other than that he’s been pretty lucky.

Where does he sleep?

He just sleeps in the garage or if the gate's open he'll sleep in the ute.

What would you do without him?

I probably wouldn’t be as fit, as he likes me kicking the ball to him. He doesn’t argue with you and he’s good to have to chat to if you're feeling a bit down.