Risk-assessment webinar for farmers

By Jamie Salter

Mixed farmers will be able to assess risks including fire, flood, drought and unseasonal conditions, in a new webinar hosted by Agriculture Victoria.

The webinar will help mixed farmers improve their ability to identify, understand and manage these risks.

Presenter Dr Kate Burke will discuss strategies that farmers will be able to use to help focus decision-making, including how to acknowledge actual versus perceived risks.

Dr Burke will also provide examples of effective management strategies used by high-performing farmers and business managers.

Agriculture Victoria land management extension officer Martin Hamilton said risk management boiled down to farmers having the right tricks on hand to make critical decisions.

“As we’ll show in the webinar, seeing how others have handled risks well is a practical way of developing your own skills,” Mr Hamilton said.

Mr Hamilton said Dr Burke was a highly experienced independent farm consultant with extensive knowledge of agronomy. She has 30 years of experience in agriculture working with farmers, students, investors and regional communities in north-west and northern Victoria.

“Dr Burke spent time in the corporate sector as a commercial manager of one of the largest grain producers in Australia and knows what it takes to run a profitable farm business,” he said.

The Smart Farming webinar, ‘Old and new tricks for practical risk management’, will be hosted by Agriculture Victoria on Monday, June 29.

The session will be recorded and made available for those who register.

Registrations (via Zoom) can be made at:

For more information, phone Martin Hamilton on 0429 946 149 or email or phone Adam Buzza on 0447 525 457 or email