Silo art projects waiting for GrainCorp review

By Jamie Salter

GrainCorp has yet to release any project applications for the silo art trail — leaving the NSW Riverina town of Wakool in limbo.

GrainCorp corporate affairs manager Jess Simons said the silo art program was suspended for review, which currently remains under way.

“Coupled with the company’s efforts to continue delivering for customers throughout COVID-19 as an essential service, this has resulted in delays to the review process, but we hope to provide an update soon,” she said.

The Wakool Community Progress Association received $39 310 to complete a silo art project in the town back in May, 2019.

Association member Tam Adams said planning was under way and would progress once GrainCorp opened applications.

“We’ve got a pretty good community idea of what we want on the silos, but once we find out when we can go ahead, we will be reassessing that,” she said.

Ms Adams said she was hoping for an update from GrainCorp in August.

Completed artworks on silos owned by GrainCorp include the Devenish, St James and Rochester silos, with the first GrainCorp silo painted in 2015.

Another update on the silo art trail has the Colbinabbin and District Historical Society receiving $1000 to go towards the grand opening of its silo art.

A date has not yet been decided and the opening may not be held until COVID-19 restrictions are fully relaxed.

The funding will be put towards hiring a sound system, coffee machine or chairs for the big event.

The project also received new VicRoads signs on Bendigo-Murchison Rd and Rochester-Heathcote Rd, about 3 km out of town.

Silo Project lead Sadie Vale said the new signs read ‘Colbinabbin Silo Art’, to direct visitors to the artwork.

“The signs were funded by the Rushworth and District Community Bank, they were quite expensive, and we wouldn’t have been able to get it without that funding,” Ms Vale said.

She said information boards would also be coming soon and should be at the silo site by the end of July.